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Soothing Sessions and Reiki

Soothing Session (Full Body Effleurage)

This session is ideal for people who like a lighter touch or looking for lymphatic drainage benefits. Of course, ideal for those who are just looking to relax! 

R  E  L  A  X 

Benefits of the soothing session include:

Stress reduction

Reduced anxiety

Reduced muscle tension

Lowered blood pressure

Lymphatic drainage throughout the body

Effleurage is a smooth, continuous stroke using the flat of the hand. An even pressure is applied throughout the treatment and remains steady. The effleurage movement is repeated multiple times over the same area which induces relaxation and encourages lymphatic drainage as movements are done upward towards the heart.

This is NOT a massage though most people find it very similar to the gentle Swedish technique. No deep tissue work is performed and specific movements are repeated throughout the treatment. 
Full body session is $70 
½ hour concentrated treatment is $45.
Hot Stone Back Treatment

Hot stones are placed gently on the back to loosen up the area. Once the rocks are removed, effleurage is done on the back to promote relaxation, reduced tension in the muscles, and lymphatic drainage.
No deep tissue work is done. $55

Combine the full body Soothing Session with the Hot Stone Back Treatment for $95.


The healing art of energy work is practiced in many cultures around the world for stress reduction, relaxation and promotion of healing.
This specialized treatment brings balance to your body by clearing up stagnant areas in your energy field through Shamballa and Lightarian Reiki techniques.

60 Min–$80