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Acne and Clogging

We only have one face....
Preventing acne can prevent permanent scarring.

When you pass your fingers over your skin in the area of your breakouts do you feel little bumps?

These bumps are called impactions or clogged pores. If left untreated, they become the seeds to your acne causing the blemishes, infection and possibly scarring and hyperpigmentation. 
Physicians' referrals welcome.
We have been providing successful acne treatments since 1985

Our treatments along with the correct selection of  products help you to help yourself and can eliminate or delay the need for physician intervention. 

Adult Acne and Clogging Facial - $70
Pass your fingers over the top of your skin in the area of your breakouts. If you feel tiny bumps, those are impactions. Our acne facial removes those impactions with the use of our Phyto mask and extractions. A series of treatments with the proper products are introduced.

Teen Acne and Clogging Facial - $60​​
AGE 12 - 18
Same procedure as our Adult Acne treatment but tailored to our younger clientele.

No Frills - $45

Great option for alternating between the full acne facial treatments.
A quick, mini treatment with exfoliation and extraction.
25 minutes


LED for Acne  
The light kills bacteria and heals the skin deep within the dermis for continued results well after the treatments.
45 each or 320 for a series of 8
Add LED healing light treatment to any facial 25
Spot treatment with facial 
five minutes 15 

Peels (see on Skincare page)

Our treatments fit in between

If we feel our treatments are not working or your acne is too advanced for us to treat, don't be surprised if we refer you to a dermatologist. Quite often, we receive referrals from dermatologists.

To achieve optimum clearance of your acne, regularly scheduled treatments and consistent daily use of the correct products is required. 

  • During our acne treatments we do deep cleansing to remove these impactions, clearing the skin and encouraging healing. Intense exfolliation  removes the dead skin and loosen the impactions that are seeds for the acne.  We will provide steps to assist in killing the bacteria, calming the skin and  promoting healing.  


  • Do NOT pick. Picking your skin can actually force the impaction deeper into the follicle causing more infection and scarring.

  • Be consistent with your home care. Make sure you understand proper use of your products. If you are not seeing the result you feel you should be, let us know. Speak with one of our  licensed estheticians.

  • Be consistent with your acne treatments. Schedule your appointments in advance as suggested by your esthetician.  A series of consistent treatments is often required. An occasional Acne facial just when you have a flare up is not the answer. The acne facials help to heal and PREVENT future breakouts. 

  • Examine your make up and skincare regime with the esthetician to be sure you are not making it worst. Often times the cause of the acne is the make up being applied in attempt to hide it!

If you are going to invest in treatments, it only makes sense to use products that WE KNOW  will work, won't hurt your skin and will get the results we are looking for.

How often will I need to have acne treatments? 

Until the underlying cause of your acne is eliminated or you outgrow the disease, acne treatments and the correct use of products must continue on a regular basis to control your acne. Depending on the severity of your acne, our esthetician may recommend a series of treatments. Once your face has been cleared of impactions, monthly maintenance clinical acne treatments or our No Frills Cleansing is suggested to maintain optimum results.

We invite you to try just one treatment to get an idea of the
positive results you can expect.
What can the correct products do for your skin?

  • Our products eliminate the dead skin build up and prevent the formation of blackheads.
  • They promote healing and eliminate the red (infection).
  • They can heal and conceal.
  • Oil production can be controlled. (cleansers, masks, moisturizers)

Simple Acne Lessons 

What is Acne? 

It is a controllable disorder of the follicle caused by the buildup of dead skin cells and increased oil production that sticks together and clogs the pores of genetically inclined individuals. The acne bacteria feeds off this mixture leading to inflamed conditions.
Acne is inherited.

If one of your parents had acne, you have a 50% chance of also developing acne because acne is an inherited disease of the follicle.

What are the major factors in the formation of acne?

  • Increased oil production: This is especially true during the teen years as the hormones stimulate the oil glands to produce more oil.
  • The abnormality of the micro flora of the skin contributes to acne by allowing bacteria to be formed within the follicle.
  • Dead skin build up  resulting in clogging of the follicles: This creates the formation of comedones (blackheads) which are the seeds of the acne.  
  • An inflammatory process takes place, allowing the zits to happen.
Rarely, some individuals may actually get the dead skin build up and experience the clogging
without experiencing the inflammatory state.

What happens within the follicle that causes the acne?

The skin is composed of many layers of skin cells that lose their moisture and migrate to the outer layer of the skin, where they are shed and replaced by new cells. These skin cells (keratinocytes) also line the inside of the follicle. Normally, the cells are sloughed off and there is no problem.
In the follicles of predisposed individuals, these cells are retained in the follicle and begin to mature into impacted follicles. These can not be seen or felt. They are like little landmines below the skin waiting to mature into blackheads or whiteheads 
What is a blackhead?

A blackhead is composed of the same components as a whitehead (dead skin, oils, and bacteria). With a blackhead, the opening of the skin allows oxygen to get into the follicle causing an oxidation process that results in the dark color. Blackheads are more easily expressed during the acne facial treatment. Blemishes triggered by blackheads are more on the surface of the skin and result in less scarring than a closed comedone (whitehead).
The blackheads will mature into pustules.

Within the first 72 hours of the papule formation, the white blood cells clump together, forming pus that will migrate to the surface, bringing the impacted material with it. If this process happens quickly, there should be little, if any, scaring.
What about whiteheads?

Whiteheads will mature into inflamed papules.
With a whitehead, the opening of the pore is closed. If air could get in, it would become a blackhead. It is an accumulation of dead skin and oils within the pore…about to erupt into an inflamed papule.
The whitehead matures and gets bigger and bigger until it explodes deep inside the follicle, spilling its contents into the dermal tissue. The body’s immune system sends white blood cells (leukocytes) into the area to attack the impaction. The white blood cells try to dissolve the impaction and inflammation results. This is what causes the scaring. How deep the eruption is within the follicle will determine how much scarring will occur. If the impactions are removed before they progress to pustules, the blemishes will be omitted and acne scarring will be prevented.

 Acne Questions & Answers
Be sure to see our Blog if you have any questions

My face   gets very dry from acne products but I find moisturizers too greasy and they actually seem to make my acne worst. What else can I use?

It is hard to believe that although our skin is oily and blemish prone, it can still be dry. This is called “dehydration”. The skin actually lacks water. We recommend our gel-based moisturizers that will hydrate (add water) without clogging.
Our Repair Gel contains hylauronic acid, which is an ingredient that can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water. It also contains nutrients to prevent free radical activity and encourage healing. 4 oz $32.00

Our oil-free moisturizer is a great hydrater and it has specialized sponges that absorb the excess oil and provides a more matte finish. $18.00

Our custom blended moisturizers can be formulated to address any skin type and problems including redness, oil, dehydration, etc.which are common with acne.    2 oz $42 - 48
One of our estheticians can analyze your skin and custom formulate a Skinfluentials' gel/cream specifically for your skin type and acne needs.

Do guys have facials? 

Yes, Yes, Yes!  The hormones that stimulate the beard growth are the same hormones that stimulate acne. 
Can my birth control pills affect my acne? 

YES. Much research has been done regarding the effects of contraceptive pills. The results found androgen-dominant birth control pills can worsen acne and estrogen-dominant pills usually clear acne.
New birth control pills have been formulated and marketed specifically to help with acne. Ask your physician or pharmacist.

Can cosmetics cause acne? 

YES, it is called acne cosmetica. One out of three women have it! Comedogenic ingredients that cause clogging and breakouts are the reason. Moisturizers, sunscreens, hair products and some make up products used to cover-up the acne often acerbate the problem. Mineral products with high amounts of mica can aggrevate acne.
Our estheticians can help you to rule out cosmetic causes. 
Using a healing concealer can help you to look like you don’t have acne while working to eliminate your acne.
Can stress cause acne?

YES. Stress activates the adrenal glands to produce extra hormones, which eventually results in flare-ups for the acne sensitive. The immediate stress reaction occurs in the follicle, the acne sufferer’s weakest link. 
How do I get rid of the brown spots that occur after the blemishes?

The brown spots are called  residual healing. The very best thing to do is to prevent the acne from happening and if you do get it, do not pick! Some skin tones are more susceptible to the hyper pigmentation  than others.
Our solutions include: lightening treatments and products with  ingredients that fight free radical activity,   LED treatments for healing and lightening, and the use of  SPF 30 or greater as all hyper pigmentation can be enhanced by UV ray exposure. We also recommend antioxidants supplements to heal from the inside out.